Thank you for your time, your attention, and your interest in this obscure story. It’s rare that a film about surfing ever crosses paths with espionage, invention, or illegality, and yet - due to unintended political consequences - that is the story of surfing in Cuba. 

Part one, The Cuba Unknown, is a hardcover photo book and now a short film produced for the WSL.

Part two, Havana Libre, is a documentary feature film shot over the past four years that shares a transformational period in Cuba’s history and follows the fight to legitimize surfing in the country. It will be released in 2020.


“they all say i’m crazy.

well, long live my craziness.

I owe everything to surf.”

yaya guerrero  |  cuban surf pioneer

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Ready to help?

Ariel, who lives beat to the Malecón, is the local #surf forecaster. If he hears waves pounding from his bedroom, he calls Frank to start a phone tree to let local surfers know there's #swell. Internet has come slowly to the island, and swell forecasting websites have only recently been used to track #waves.