Feature Film Coming 2020

Havana Libré is a story about surfing, but more than anything it uses surfing to share a human story about resilience, family, ingenuity, and die-hard passion in this utterly unique country.

As Frank and Yaya attempt to make their beloved sport legal, they illustrate a larger parallel effort throughout Cuba to usher in a new era of freedom. Their fight is not only for themselves, but to clear the way for future generations. Along the way they ride waves of intense optimism, hope, betrayal, and disappointment, and share a unique perspective on what it really means to be Cuban. 

Havana Libré shares love and hardship, dreams and failures, and the  unrelenting spirit of youth in the face of adversity.



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“I have a lot of hope that one day finally, our government will give us a chance.

this is just the beginning.”

yaya guerrero | cuban surf pioneer