Surf Libre is a movement to legitimize and promote the freedom of surfing in countries throughout the world. Our current efforts are in Cuba, where our first projects have been inspired. Our goal in time is to expand this effort to spread this mission worldwide. Your support is so appreciated.

Donations help us offset the costs of transporting surfboards to Cuba to expand access to surfing in the country. Unfortunately, because of restrictions by the U.S. Treasury, we can not accept donations to directly support Cuban surfers or efforts to build a surf camp there.. yet!



Get in touch if you have (or have access to) surf supplies that could support the fledgling surf community in Cuba. There are no surf stores in Cuba, and surfers there are reliant on donations of supplies from tourists and non-profit partners. Even sharing your support of the movement through the contact form can help us grow!


100% of profits from the store are going to efforts to support surfing in Cuba. We are working with non-profit partners in the US and abroad to put these profits to use, as direct donations to build infrastructure in Cuba are currently not permitted.


If you are interested in traveling to Cuba and supporting the efforts of the Cuban surf community, we’d be happy to put you in touch with the right people. Please reach out with “Travel to Cuba” in the subject.